DogZymes Organic Norwegian Kelp

A staple in supplementation for your dogs. 100% Natural, no preservatives, 100% Organic.

Full of vital trace minerals, vitamins, and amino acids. Simply top dress on any type of diet daily or a few times a week.


1 - 5lbs         1/4 Teaspoon

6 - 15lbs       1/2 Teaspoon

25lbs              1 Teaspoon

Over 25lbs     1 Teaspoon per each 25lbs - maximum 4 teaspoons daily.

SCOOP HOLDS 1/4 Teaspoon to 3 Teaspoons


12OZ   $23.95   3LB  $49.95   6LB  $79.95/Special Order Please



$23.95 Regular Price

Price including tax $25.15