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CBD Oil Tincture from Hemp

Made in Canada, we are very pleased to offer this product to our customers.

CBD stands for Cannabidiol. These are extracted from the Hemp plant without the psycho-effects of THC. CBD has anecdotally been shown to help dogs with many kinds of diseases and disorders in the maintenance of health as an anti-inflammatory. As well, CDB works with the endocannabinoid system to help boost immune function.

From the Pettanicals Website:

Your pets natural messenger cannabinoids are called anandamide and 2-AG. They stimulate receptors present in your pet’s brain (CB1 receptors) and throughout its body (CB2 receptors). The cannabinoids in hemp attach to those same receptors. However, they resist letting go of those receptors so their effect is more powerful and longer lasting. Substances that hang on to receptors longer than the natural messengers are called an agonist. The chief agonist cannabinoids in cannabis or hemp and cannabidiol (aka CBD). When the effect of the cannabinoids wear off, it is because they were metabolized by the pet’s liver into compounds that left through the bile and urine or were stored in the pet’s body fat. This is why the possible benefits can be broad and why cannabinoids can result in immediate benefit and support.


Organic, cold pressed Hemp oil, full Hemp plant CDB oil, Omega 6, Omega 3, Vitamin E antioxidants


Dosage Recommendations:

Begin with 1 drop per 10lbs of dog per day.

You may wish to begin at half doses of this protocol at 1 drop per 20lbs of dog a day.

1-2 drops per 10lbs of dog is a standard dose. You may give more as needed for the dog's condition.


This formula is 10mg per 1ml.   Each bottle contains 30ml of fluids.


It is very important to work with your Veterinarian when beginning or using this product. If your dog is on medications please have the proper diagnostic testing completed during treatment to ensure the best success.

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We are able to Special Order Feline and Equine formulas. Please send us an email for more information. 


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