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So many choices. Kibble. Home Cooked. Raw.  What is best for your dog?

Over the years I have been asked by many customers, "What is your favourite? What do you feed your dogs?" "Should I do the same?". In essence, every dog is different and will respond to different diets depending on life stage, activity, and illness. We can sometimes only do what our budgets determine and we do our best to do right by our dogs.

The nice thing about choosing canine diets is we now have a good variety and much more knowledge than even just a few years ago. We are now equipped with tremendous breakthroughs in both Western and Eastern medicines and many choose to combine both. We have supplements to fill in the gaps in all types of diets, but it can be so overwhelming to determine the proper ones.

This is where I like to come in and help my customers. My personal preference for canine diets is home cooked with supplementation. I know what I'm buying and cooking and exactly what my dogs are consuming. I think Raw or BARF diets are great if you know how to balance nutrients and ensure the safety of the meats. I believe the whole foods are more nutritious and there is less chance of disease for long term. As for kibble diets, there certainly are dogs that will do well and even thrive on them. Choose products made in your own Country with ingredients not imported from countries in question. Stay away from grain based foods with ingredients such as corn, by-products, artificial colours and additives. The least expensive ones are generally the cheapest to produce and the ingredients are of very poor quality and highly questionable. Kibble can certainly be improved upon by adding the right supplements at the right time. However, in times of illness or recovery, kibble can be very difficult to digest thus delaying improvement.

What else can we do to help ensure long term health of our dogs? Don't over vaccinate. Do Titer tests instead to determine viral immunity. Use antibiotics and pain medications in moderation and only when they are truly needed. Keep the steroids to a bare minimum and try to use immune boosters and better nutrition instead of over medication. Of course there are many times Western Medicine is needed ; keep an open mind to new ideas and work with your Veterinarians. They can learn a lot from us too; the best ones are open to suggestion. Keep heavy chemicals and cleaning products away from our pets. Choose filtered water over tap to reduce chemicals. Get you and your dogs moving. Keep up muscle tone and you will have a more mobile dog into their senior years.

Our dogs have evolved but their short lives in comparison to ours limit the power they have to fight toxins, chemicals, and over medication.

In the following links provided, I'll help you design diets appropriate to your individual dogs. There is lots of wiggle room in regards to ingredients and you can have a lot of fun choosing and preparing meals. I'll add the appropriate supplements to balance the diet over the long term. Remember as you begin: every day does not have to be a perfect nutrition day. This is a fallacy. Balance diets over time, vary the base proteins and vegetables and your dogs will benefit from better health. You'll see it in their skin and coats, they will have better energy and vitality. Happy Cooking!